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Scholarships 2020 - 2021


 (Review Criteria Before Applying)

Applications Are Due Before the Due Date Or By 12 Noon On Due Date


(Due: February 28, 2020) St. Patrick Chatholic Church Ministry-Men’s Club (Turn In To Counselor)

(Due: February 28, 2020) The Laredo Daybreak Rotary Club Scholarship (Turn In To Counselor)

(Due: February 28, 2020) Geo Group/Webb County Scholarship (Turn In To Counselor)

(Due: March 6, 2020) Oscar M. Laurel Scholarship (Turn In To Counselor)

(Due: March 6, 2020) Webb County Better Community Foundation Scholarship (Mail Application)

(Due: March 13, 2020) Doctors Hospital Auxiliary Gift Shop Scholarship (Turn In To Counselor)

(Due: April 15, 2020) Tuesday Music and Literature Club of Laredo Scholarship (email:

(Due: March 23, 2020) Laredo Tennis Association Scholarship (Turn In To Counselor)

(Due: April 20, 2020) Webb County Policy Council Head Start Scholarship (email:

(Due: March 25, 2020) Laredo Chamber of Commerce (Spirit of Laredo Scholarship Contest) (Online Application)

(Due: April 30, 2020) LULAC 7 and LULAC 12 Scholarship (make a copy and turn in 2 applications) ( LULAC 7 email: or mail : Nora Montemayor, 307 Baffin Bay, Laredo, TX 78041) (LULAC 12 email: or mail:  LULAC 12, P.O. Box 12, Laredo, TX 78040)—Same application, but it must be emailed or mailed to the different LULACs 7 and 12.

(Due: March 31, 2020) UISD Partners for Scholars Scholarship (Online Application)

(Due: April 30, 2020) Texas A & M Mothers’ Club Scholarship (email:

(Due: April1, 2020) McDonald’s Scholarship (Email Application)

(Due: April 17, 2020) Mancera Medical Anti-Bullying Scholarship (email youtube video to: and email application to:

(Due: TBD) Webb County Heritage Foundation (Turn in to Counselor-hold on to application)

(Due: April 30, 2020) Laredo Federal Credit Union Scholarship (Email:

(Due: May 7, 2018) Commerce Bank Scholarship (Email:

(Due: April 9, 2020) D.D. Hachar Charitable Trust Fund Scholarship (Email Application)

(Due: April 10, 2020) Rio Grande Electric CO-OP Scholarship (Online Application)

(Due: May 7, 2018) International Bank of Commerce Scholarship (Email:

(Due: April 29, 2020) TSTA-Texas State Teachers Association (Email:

(Due: April 30, 2020) Laredo Pan American Golf Association Scholarship (Mail Application)


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